Preemptive Disappearance

2 channel video, color, sound, 12'00", 2003

here is the script


Preemptive Disappearance - Francisca Benitez

Preemptive Disappearance, describes the effects of the Patriot Act on artists living in New York as told through the tender recounting of someone who discovers, when returning home one day, that her husband has been arrested for taking photographs ‘in the wrong place’.

Benitez’s film slowly draws us into the emotional turmoil and sense of loss that is felt when someone close to you disappears and allows us a powerful and dramatic insight into the personal insecurity suffered by many people after 9/11.

DVD featurette includes a specially commissioned interview with Francisca Benitez at Gordon Shrigley’s studio in London with Katie Guggenheim and Dan Smith

First Edition of 50 copies

A series of DVD releases featuring a selection of contemporary artists’ film and video works selected by Gordon Shrigley

14 min


Terrorvision - Exit Art, New York, US, 2004

Domestic Affairs - Project0047, Oslo, Norway, 2006

Too much freedom
L.A. Freewaves 10th biennial of film, video and new media
Los Angeles, US, 2006

Itaú Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008


Edition of 50 copies by
Filmarmalade, publishers of visual theory

preview at Cinémas hors circuits
Paris, May 2009
Distributed at ICA